Get Your Adventure Travel On In Madagascar

Ask most people what they know of Madagascar and they’ll probably tell you something about the highly successful eponymous animated film series. While the popular movies certainly brought the Indian Ocean island nation to the attention of the global populace, there’s so much more to this unique African travel destination than a colourful movie with a cast of hilarious animal characters.

From idyllic white sand beaches to thrilling rainforest excursions and from fascinating cultural encounters to intriguing wildlife species, this large African island provides its visitors with some of the most unforgettable African travel experiences possible.

We’ve highlighted 3 of our top Madagascar travel experiences below to give you an authentic taste of what this unbelievable island destination has to offer:

Enjoy Exotic Wildlife Encounters

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Perhaps the most iconic of all Madagascan animals is the iconic lemur family, which consists of a wide and diverse variety of different lemur species. To catch a glimpse of these intriguing creatures in their natural habitat, we’d recommend a lemur-trekking safari with a trained guide through one of Madagascar’s national parks, such as the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, which being only a 3-hours’ drive from the capital city, Antananarivo, is convenient and very accessible for most travelers.

An added bonus of visiting the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is the opportunity to see Indris – the largest of all the lemur species – in the wild. Well known for their loud, distinctive and eerily beautiful calls, the Indris will provide a hauntingly memorable soundtrack for your Madagascan rainforest adventures.

And by staying at the beautiful Vakona Forest Lodge, situated within the park’s borders, you’ll be provided with maximum opportunities to witness for yourself the incredible Madagascan wildlife that reside in the protected forest.

Experience Otherworldly Landscapes

Besides the island’s incredible animal species, Madagascar is also home to some of the most surreal and beautiful landscapes you could ever have the pleasure of visiting.

Perhaps the most famous of the African country’s landscapes is the Avenue of the Baobabs, a road that’s majestically lined by towering Baobab trees.

Another iconic Madagascan landscape can be found at Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, which contains the spiky rock formations that consistently feature in guides and lists of Madagascar’s best highlights and natural attractions.

The scenes described above (in addition to a host of others to be found on the exotic island nation) provide ideal photographic opportunities; so make sure your camera has loads of space for all the photos, videos and selfies you’ll want to snap.

Relax in Tropical Island Paradise

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Off the northwest coast of Madagascar lies an island called Nosy Be (large island in the local Malagasy language). Nosy Be is the country’s largest and most visited tourist resort. Idyllic beaches lined by sloping palm trees characterize the small island, which hosts a number of excellent hotel and accommodation options to give your Madagascan adventure a real luxurious touch.

A number of smaller islands surround Nosy Be, which combined, provide outstanding opportunities for watersports, snorkeling, fascinating cultural exchanges in the local villages and enjoying some delicious leisure time along the turquoise waters and white sand beaches of this Indian Ocean paradise.

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Consistently voted as one of the world’s top travel destinations (by both tourists and the travel industry alike), Cape Town is a real gem on the southwestern tip of the African crown. Sandwiched between a breathtaking Atlantic coastline and towering mountain peaks, you’d be rather hard-pressed to find a cosmopolitan city with more natural beauty and exciting attractions than the Mother City, as Cape Town is affectionately known by locals.

With such a diverse range of sights and attractions, it’s no wonder the travel world has fallen in love with Cape Town. From shark cage diving and spectacular mountain adventures to world-class restaurants and award-winning winelands, there’s something for every kind of traveler in and around this African city.

And to celebrate their new direct route to Cape Town, Singapore Airlines recently featured 5 of our best Cape Town tours and excursions to showcase the best this incredible city has to offer.

Wine & Dine


The Cape winelands region is renowned for producing some of the world’s finest wines in some of the most beautiful scenery you could imagine. Stellenbosch is the historic centre of the wine-producing area, but the region is made up of a number of equally picturesque towns and districts, including amongst many others Franschoek, Paarl, Tulbagh and Wellington.

City Bowl Discovery


With an unmistakable flat-topped mountain backdrop, the Cape Town city centre is rich in both history and natural beauty. Explore the city’s historic streets and discover its diverse and vibrant urban life. Highlights of any city bowl tour would include a trip to the shopping mecca at the V & A Waterfront, a stroll down the bustling Bree and Long streets as well as a leisurely walk through the stunning Company Gardens, an impeccably manicured and maintained park that flanks the country’s parliament buildings right in the middle of the city.

Table Mountain Abseil Adventure

The iconic table-like peak that towers above Cape Town is known for providing residents and visitors with unparalleled views of the city below and the adjacent bays and mountain ranges. While a trip to the top of Table Mountain is an absolute must for any visitor, perhaps the most thrilling way to enjoy these vistas is by taking a Table Mountain abseiling tour. The descent down the mountain with the Atlantic Ocean below you and the Twelve Apostle range at your side will leave you breathless in wonder – and with a major adrenaline rush!

Dive with the Greats

One of the most exhilarating experiences you could have while visiting Cape Town is diving with the mighty great white shark. The waters around the Cape are known to be prime spots for catching a glimpse of these awesome creatures in their natural habitat.

Get Up Close & Personal with the Big 5

Located only 2-hours’ drive from Cape Town, Aquila Game Reserve offers guests the quintessential African travel experience: a Big Five game safari. Guided by expert rangers you will have the opportunity to witness the continent’s most incredible species in the wild and enjoy an African wildlife adventure that will leave all your Facebook friends green with envy!

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