The Bokaap Kombuis, Cape Town

Bokaap, formerly known as the Malay Quarter in Cape Town, South Africa, has an intriguing history deeply rooted in the Cape Malay community. Initially settled by enslaved people from Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and the Indian subcontinent during the 18th century, Bokaap became a melting pot of diverse cultures and traditions. The area’s distinct Cape Malay identity is evident in its cuisine, language, and architectural style.

Nowhere captures the loving touch and heavenly taste of this community better than The Bokaap Kombuis, located on 7 August Street, Schotsche Kloof, Bokaap.

But what makes them stand out?

Tasty Food

An explanation for the success of the Bokaap Kombuis is that the food reflects the surrounding Bo-Kaap; you can taste its history, heritage and love for her people.

The Bokaap Kombuis is a gastronomic haven, offering an irresistible fusion of flavours that reflects the Cape Malay legacy. Influenced by their various ancestor’s culinary traditions, Cape Malay cuisine hosts a delightful blend of spices, aromas, and tastes. Take advantage of the opportunity to indulge in mouthwatering dishes like bobooties, samoosas and the best curry this side of the equator!

The bread, snacks and dishes are prepared every few hours for optimal freshness – and you can taste the devotion and consideration that went into them.

Beautiful Scenery

One of the most striking features of Bokaap is its vibrant and colourful houses. The tradition of painting houses in vibrant hues can be traced back to the 19th century when the formerly enslaved people celebrated their freedom by expressing their individuality through colour. Walking through the neighbourhood feels like strolling through a real-life rainbow.

Fewer spots in the Bokaap showcase this view better than the Bokaap Kombuis, offering almost aerial views of the area, nestled high up among the hills that provide shelter to this neighbourhood. You’ll be face-to-face with Table Mountain, with the rest of the city twinkling below you during your meal.

Friendly Staff: Like You’re One of the Family!

This establishment is a genuinely family-owned business; Nazli and Boeta Yusuf are always on hand to welcome you with warm smiles and open arms. In an age-old fashion that is disappearing from the world, they live downstairs from the restaurant, genuinely embracing the restaurant as not just a source of income but their actual home and safe space. You’ll begin to feel you’re part of the family after a short time when one or both of them come to greet your table and make sure everyone is enjoying your meal – not like a restaurant manager, but like a loving family member.

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