Running along the eastern edge of South Africa’s Great Escarpment, the Drakensberg Mountain Range stretches for over 1000 jaw-droppingly beautiful kilometres of South African landscape. The name Drakensberg means “Dragon Mountains” in English and was so dubbed by the early Dutch settlers who first encountered the mountains, possibly due to the region’s pointy peaks’ resemblance to the back of a mythical creature. When talking about the Drakensberg, most locals and visitors to the region are referring to the mountainous region bordering Lesotho and the KwaZulu-Natal province. Home to some of South Africa’s most impressive attractions, including vertigo-inducing mountain passes, the world’s second-highest waterfall (Tugela Falls) and even the country’s only skiing resort, the Drakensberg offers visitors unparalleled opportunities to enjoy some of Africa’s most dramatic scenery. If you’re a mountain lover or just looking to get out and enjoy a truly authentic, and somewhat unexpected, African adventure, then a trip through the Drakensberg is an absolute must on your African travel itinerary.

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