Stone town and its buildings are full of history and stories of the old times on Zanzibar, when Sultans, Arabs, Europeans and
Zanzibaris wrote the history of this beautiful island.

You will visit the Anglican Cathedral and the Slave markets, the Palace of the Sultans, Tip Tip’s House, the Old Arabic Fort, Forodhani Park and of course the famous Zanzibar Doors in our petite little streets.. So be ready for a walk through the long history of Zanzibar and its numerous rulers.

Prison Island is so called because of its first usage as a prison, which was built in 1893. But in fact it was used as a quarantine hospital and is nowadays the home of the giant tortoises which were banned from the city of Stone Town. Enjoy a 30 minute boat ride with a view of the Stone Town Skyline, after arriving on Prison Island your guide will teach you the history and introduce you to the giant tortoises.


Lunch at Maru Maru rooftop restaurant

All entrance fees and tour guide

Transfer to and from your hotel

Note: Price of the excursion depends on the location of your hotel on the island:


  • Zanzibar is a predominantly Muslim island. Please respect this when in or around Stone Town. Woman are asked to cover there knees and shoulders
  • Please ask permission from your guide before taking pictures of people
  • Please do not purchase any large shells or coral from local vendors as it promotes the destruction of our fragile marine eco system
  • This is a walking tour, therefore it is advised to wear comfortable shoes
Stone Town and Prison Island Tour

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