This is certainly an amazing way to explore one of the most popular African holiday destinations. The Taste of Swaziland tour invites visitors on a cultural journey through local taste sensations.

It’s unusual in that the tours are largely unstructured, subject to change and the activities greatly depend on the day you choose to take the tour. Each guided experience tour is custom-designed to satisfy specific requests on a daily basis.

This Taste of Swaziland tour runs largely as a private tour, however on rare occasions separate groups may be asked to combine under the guidance of one guide. Possible activities on your day’s trip include a visit Swazi homesteads to see how food is prepared and lend a hand to mill the staple maize-meal, collect water from the river, herd cattle or goats with Swazi herd boys, till fields with a span of oxen, weed maize fields, attend a church service, watch a local soccer match, listen in on a community meeting, visit a Swazi school or watch the daily tasks of washing clothing in the river; but most importantly, experience Swaziland as it happens every day. Book with us to see this incredible stop along your African tours and travels.

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