To ensure yours is one of the most fascinating South African holidays, take a cultural dive into what makes South African people so legendary.

Guests are invited to visit the Shangana Cultural Village and discover the traditional world of the fascinating Shangaan people, descended from Shaka Zulu and the Tsonga tribe.

This cultural village is encased in a bustling Marula Market where exquisite arts and crafts are on sale. Along your tours and travels, you’ll be treated to insights about fascinating cultural practises like face scarring and bartering with cloth and beads for ivory, copper and salt.

This Mpumalanga cultural village, set amongst ancient trees, preserves the rich way of life of these interesting people. Try to stay for the highlight of a visit to this village – the Evening Festival in the royal kraal of Chief Soshangana.

Here guests are invited to enjoy a traditional feast accompanied by music, dancing and performances that recount the story of the Shangaan people.

Price –  Show and dinner only excluding transfer