5 Life-Saving Reasons You Should Plan Your Holiday Through a Travel Tours Company
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Let’s get down to the most fun part of going away for a holiday – the endless planning! The bookings, the itinerary, the accommodation, the flights (and the “cutting-it-bloody-close” connection flights), the restaurants, the activities, the transport from A to B, the travel insurance, the passports and visas, medical clearance, emergency service numbers…


…wasn’t this trip supposed to be relaxing? Or at the very least fun? A day at the office contains less potential headache than this! Luckily for you, there is a way that you can go on holiday and enjoy it.

The answer; A Travel and Tours company.


But those are damn expensive, right? And surely I can save more if I do all the planning myself?


I’ll tell you what; let’s read a little further and check out how putting yourself in our hands will save you many a temple-pounding migraine.


Time Saver


Saving Time - Travel Tour Website

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In the moments it took you to read up to here, a proper travel company could already have completed 68% of the required work, while you would still be loading up bookings.com.


We do this every day and are well-versed in navigating the treacherous paths of planning and booking the multitudes of necessary little tasks. We work tirelessly to ensure that from leaving the house to drinking a pineapple rum on the deltas of Namibia, you won’t have to stress about a single thing.


“You’re tired, and somebody’s baby is crying, and you want to cry, but there’s no place with air conditioning for you to cry in.”


Remember those painstaking hours spent revisiting and rehashing every holiday detail to make sure that you’re having the optimal amount of fun while simultaneously not killing your loved ones? Well, now they can be spent practising your swing dancing or enjoying an ice-cold beverage as you daydream about your impending adventure.


What will you do with all this extra time on your hands? We’ll leave you to figure that out; we’re here to do the tricky part.


Prevention of organisational headaches


Organisational Headaches - Travel Tour Website

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“I can’t remember the flight number. Yes, this must be the hotel. I’m not sure where the taxis are. I swear I did this online, but I can’t find the booking number!”


I’ve been there—multiple times. And so has every other travel agent. And we have channelled that pain into creating innovative ideas to overcome these debilitating barriers and organisational aches. You won’t have to scratch around in your overflowing baggage to find the necessary receipt or scroll endlessly through past emails to find the exact code before you can relax after a stressful flight that you were so damn close to missing at the airport.


“Where’s the best place to visit? And which neighbourhoods are you definitely not supposed to be in?”


Travel & Tour companies compile all the necessary documents together and chat ahead of the time with the required parties to make sure your walk is as easy and fun as the red carpet where you’re the star of the show (and not a worn-out extra). Unlike ordinary humans, we don’t forget anything. For example, few things in life bring you to the boiling point faster than realising you remembered the flight booking, the airport transfer, the snacks… but somehow booked the accommodation for only the following day. And now the hotel is full, and you’re tired, and somebody’s baby is crying, and you want to cry, but there’s no place with air conditioning for you to cry-


You don’t need that noise. 


This is your time, and you should only be crying over the glorious flavours of this crab ravioli you discovered in your new favourite restaurant that we booked for you before your plane took off.


Insider Knowledge


Insider Knowledge - Travel Tour Website

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How exciting is it to travel to a new country? Or continent even! So much to explore and discover, and figure out. Like the local customs, traditional transport, how to greet someone, or where’s the best place to visit? And which neighbourhoods you’re definitely not supposed to be in…


Sometimes it does help to have a friend nearby who knows this area like their childhood home. Someone who can help you to fully traverse the wonders of a shining city in a mysterious world. A friend who knows the most delightful activities, all the eye-opening monuments, and the best bang-for-your-buck in terms of hotels and transport.


A friend like that would be quite invaluable, wouldn’t you agree?


Safety net – when things inevitably go wrong


Safety Net - Travel Tour Website

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It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness; that is life.-JEAN-LUC PICARD


Things go wrong on holiday. It just happens, and most likely it wasn’t because of some error on your side, but rather from a host of external factors you had no control over. The hotel has a pest problem, your favourite hiking shoes broke halfway up the mountain, or this road is under construction so you couldn’t make the tour in time.


Small things that are barely more than a nuisance; items of bother that you are more than capable of fixing yourself.


But what happens when it becomes something more sinister? A stranger with bad intentions? A freak weather problem? A building collapse? Stolen luggage containing your essential items and documents? 

Now you’re lost and scared in a country where it’s confusing at the best of times.


Having a special friend, similar to the one mentioned before, would be a real lifesaver, huh? 


Travel & Tour companies are there for the fun parts and the faulty. We want you to have a fantastic trip, and we want to be the supporting shoulder if things go wrong. Having a friendly voice on the line to help you get to a safe space and recover what you’ve lost can be a defining moment. One that allows you to remember this moment as either a humorous anecdote to tell your loved ones back home or the reason your entire trip shattered into bloody pieces.


We save you MONEY


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“But I can save money if I do all the planning myself-”


Are you sure about that? Truly and honestly sure?

Travel & Tour agencies have the inside deals on which accommodation is best for you. We know the ins-and-outs of this city, where the adventure lies in wait and which tourist-trap pitfalls to avoid. We know how to get the best transport for your budget and to make sure unnecessary costs do not feature in your daily plans.


When booking initially through travel agents, the number that pops up might seem significant. But believe me, it hurts less than death by a thousand little cuts. Numbers don’t lie and neither will your friends over at Travel Republic Africa. 


We’re just as excited as you are to go on this adventure – together.


Book a trip with us today, and let us take care of the rest.


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